Hobbies that you can enjoy while your cleaners work

Hobbies that you can enjoy while your cleaners work

after builders cleaning

renovation work being done

Every time we get someone to work for us and need to vacate our home is a time which we can enjoy doing the things that we love. Not matter what sort of activities you are into, there’s no denying in the fact that you could be doing better things with your time then to just sit at home and watch the cleaners work. If you are having a team over at your house for renovation, after builders work or even pest control, there’s going to be a need for you to vacate your premises, so why not enjoy yourself doing it.

Here are a few of the best things that you could do while enjoying nature at it’s best while your home is being taken care of by others. The list contains my personal opinion on the things that I personally enjoy doing and don’t necessarily need to make you feel as good as they do me. If you are an outgoing person like me though, they are surely going to make you want to go outside right after reading this post, hopefully not before reaching the end of it.

First of all, if you live in London, Birmingham or any of the other big cities of the UK, you’ll be eager to leave the city behind you for a while, but if you’re not capable of leaving the city, there’s plenty of things that you could do at inside the city too.One of these things is going to the Park. In London for example, there are a number of great parks – one of the best in my opinion is Hyde Park. There are so many things that you could do there, it’s just incredible. No matter if you want to go and enjoy a little time in the artificial lake with your loved one on a boat or just straw around in the park, there are so many things that you could do.

There are also many recreational activities that you could enjoy such as paintball, biking or even horse riding, another thing that Hyde Park is a great place for.

hiking near London

A lovely scenery seen hiking near London

If you want to get away from the influence of the city though, there’s a whole wide world out there. Starting with activities such as hill climbing, cycling, mountain hiking and many others, you will be experiencing things like nothing else. I would never have thought that so many elderly people enjoy such things themselves, but there are also a ton of other things that you could do with your time as well. Some of these things include the likes of bungee jumping, speed walking and even crossfit training. Out of all of these things probably onle hiking and mountain climbing really requires special equipment such as hiking boots or other types of equipment such as poles, knives, tents and others. For cycling, speed walking and the rest of these things you won’t need any special equipment. If you are a real enthusiast though like myself, especially a hiking fanatic like me, you would want to have only the best hiking boots and nothing less than that, so hobbies that you enjoy outside of the city could be a little more expensive than the in-town ones, so if that cleaning session costs a lot, you might want to reconsider staying inside the city. Especially in the not-so-rare-cases in which you have to drive a long way to reach a place where you could to the hiking, cycling or whatever else there is that you like.

Anyway let me know what your hobbies include and if you have any other ideas on things that you could do inside or outside of your house while it’s getting cleaned. I’d love to hear what you people think about this and will love to put your comments in this post.

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Why dust mites have to be removed by your mattess cleaners.

In terms of cleaning these days there are many myths and equally as many wrong perceptions about how it should be done, what is good and what is bad for your property and who the best people for the job would be. There’s no denying though, that there are many companies which offer services which are below the standards of the required mattress cleaning for example that health inspectors recommend and for that reason we decided to write down some facts that you should know before hiring cleaners yourself.

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The best way to determine the value of an oven without being an expert

The best way to find a good oven in London

Ovens are a crucial part of the dream kitchen of every housewife or a person who loves cooking. There are lots of reasons to buy a new oven or at least have such kitchen equipment in our home, some of which are as follows:

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Professional spring cleaning tips

Professional spring cleaning tips

We call it simply “the most important cleaning of the year”. You have to clean your house more often than once a year if you want it to be clean and comfortable but let us tell you why the spring cleaning is so important.

Every angle, every room, the entire house have to be cleaned. Spring is that time of the year when the allergens progress fast and you don’t want your home to be their haunt. You have to get rid of all the dust and unnecessary objects that collect it.

It is very important to make a cleaning schedule because you don’t have to loose time with unnecessary things and actions. It will be faster, if you involve the whole family in the cleaning.  Distribute the cleaning activities between the members of the family – kids can clean their rooms, husband can help with the kitchen and the bathroom, for example.

Vacuum and wash all the carpets in your home. A lot of allergens and mites are collected in there. Walls and ceilings have to be cleaned, too. Pay attention to the furniture and curtains. Take all the books off the bookshelves and remove the dust. It is recommended to wax the woodworks and wooden furniture for keeping them clean longer.

Clean all the windows from the inside and from the outside. It is not the most pleasant work to do but it is mandatory. If your windows are clean, they will transmit more light and make your home shinier. Use warm water and mild dishwashing liquid to perfectly clean the windows.

When you clean the kitchen you have to pay attention to all of the appliances in there. Don’t forget to defrost the freezer. Turn it off, remove all of the food and wash with mix of backing soda and hot water.

In the bathrooms you have to remove the mold. You can use 1 рart bleach tо 4 parts hot water to clean it. It is really important to clean the bathtub and the sink very carefully because they collect a lot of microbes. Be really careful when you are working with chemical substances, because they are dangerous for the health. Don’t forget to ventilate the bathroom after the cleaning. It is recommended to use plastic gloves and face mask.

If you don’t have enough time to perfectly clean your entire home don’t worry. We have really good advice for you. Call our professionals to do the spring or one-off cleaning for you. They will give their best to make you fully satisfied from their work.

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Clean your fridge in 6 easy steps

Clean your fridge in 6 easy steps

Do you know that your fridge is dirty? If you decide to clean it you will notice the difference. Protect your family from bacteria and germs living in your refrigerator. Moreover, the right maintenance can prolong fridge’s life. You have to keep it in a good condition, so read this article and check our cleaning list.

  1. First of all it is really important to turn off the fridge because this is safer way to clean it. After that take all the food outside. You have check the expired products – just throw them away.
  2. Take the fridge’s containers and shelves out – you have to wash them. Wash them with warm water and vinegar dissolved in it. We advise you to avoid using chemical substances because they can be dangerous for your family’s heath.
  3. Don’t forget to clean the refrigerator from the inside, too. This is the only way to remove the bad smell and the germs. Dry well before putting back the shelves.
  4. You have to clean the refrigerator’s lamp and after that it will look fresher and cleaner. Not only the fridge’s parts need cleaning. Wipe down the product’s jars and boxes, too. Many times they are covered with stuck food.
  5. We know that organizing your refrigerator is not so easy task. Did you notice that every fridge has pictures? You have to put the eggs, the milk, the butter, the juice and sauce bottles on the fridge’s door. In the bottom containers you should put the vegetables and fruits. On the higher shelves place the rest of the food.
  6. Fridge’s exterior is important, too. This will make the impression that the whole kitchen is clean. Use water and lemon juice for the fridge’s exterior.

You don’t have to underestimate the importance of the clean fridge. It is really important if you want to keep your food fresh. There are many germs and bacteria that could make your food poisonous and injurious to your family’s health. Our advice is to hire professional cleaning services, if you want your kitchen to be clean and sparkling. Our home cleaning services are provided by licensed professional cleaners with many years of experience. They can also offer you professional oven cleaning.

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Must-have cleaning tools and cleaning products in your home

Cleaning tools and cleaning products you should have in your home

When the spring time is comming you have to clean up your home and garden. After the long winter, you will have much more work to do, so you have to make strict list of activities and necessary items. Here is our list of the main cleaning tools and cleaning products that you should have to make an effective cleaning. Don’t underestimate the spring cleaning and be prepared. If you decide to be more responsible for our Planet, chose natural ways to clean your property. Check out our list of cleaning tools and products, because it is really eco-friendly.

  1. The baking soda will help you to remove carpet stains and the mold from the bathroom. Scrub the oven’s interior with baking soda because this is one of the most safe ways to clean it. Use it also to clean the fridge, the microwave, every appliance in the kitchen. Besides you can use it in the bathroom. It won’t harm the sink and the bathtub’s surface.
  2. The vinegar is effective natural way to clean the whole home. It removes the bad smells and will help you to clean the kitchen appliances as well.
  3. The old toothbrushes can be useful when it comes to scrubbing. They will help to effectivelly scrub even the stubborn food on the oven’s walls. The toothbrush is also useful for inaccessible places.
  4. Liquid soap is completelly safe for delicate surfaces, so you can use it for cleaning carpet stains and upholstered furniture stains without fear that you will damage your belongings.
  5. Useless newspapers will help you to effectivelly dry off the windows after cleaning them. This method will make them shinier and they will let more sunlight in the room. Use newspapers to absorb liquids on the floor, too.
  6. Use olive oil to make your woodwork and wooden furniture shiny. Use it to polish everything made of wood in your home.
  7. Remove the bad smells from your kitchen with lemon juice. Use it to polish stainless steel and the faucets in the bathroom and kitchen.
  8. Plastic gloves should be part of you cleaning equipment as well. Some substances can be harmful for your skin and eyes. And if you use chemical products to clean your home, don’t forget to put a mask on your face.

Spring cleaning can be sometimes hard and exhausting job. If you haven’t enough time to make the home cleaning you better hire a professional home cleaning service. They are professionals and will offer you perfect cleaning for you and your home.

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Who cleans the Buckingham Palace

The people who clean the Buckingham Palace

Who Cleans the Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, London

The Buckingham palace is one of Great Britain and London’s most iconic monuments. It is the home of Queen Elizabeth and the Royal family. The Buckingham Palace is obviously one huge building and here are some facts about it’s size.

It is 108 meters long across the front, 120 meters deep (including the quadrangle) and 24 meters high at it’s highest point. The total floor area of the Palace, from basement to roof, covers over 77,000 square meters which is a serious area to cover.

Out of 1200 employees in the Buckingham Palace about 450 are paid with taxpayers money and the rest of them are paid by the Royal family. The people who clean the Royal House are included in the 750 people paid by the Royal family and they are not easily employed in the Buckingham Palace. There are various tests that the people who want to work for her majesty need to pass to start a work in the Palace. An exceptional type of service is required from the people employed by the royal family and none of the workers there could start their job before a background check. A staff of maids and housekeepers is required for keeping the Buckingham Palace looking great at all times. There are about 50 maids and 30 housekeepers employed full-time and some of them have worked in the house of the Queen their whole life. All of her majesty’s carpets are peaces of art and the royal carpet cleaning is also done inside the Buckingham Palace. None of the cleaning work is outsourced to anyone, for security reasons. As conservative as the Royal family is, we’ve heard that some places in the Buckingham Palace are cleaned with vacuuming robots.

The Royal Guard

One of the more symbolic parts of the Royal Palace is the Buckingham Guard. The cabins of the guards are also maintained by the same cleaning staff that takes care of her majesty’s cleaners. That’s why the whole Buckingham Palace looks so sharp all year round.

The staff which works in the premises of the Buckingham Palace and which is responsible for the looks of the whole place is paid a substantial salary undisclosed by the Royal family.

The Royal family is one of the more mysterious things about Great Britain and there have been little known facts about the wealth of the Queen and her children. Just recently things about their family have started being known from a broader audience. Things like the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton and the birth of their son have made the royal family closer to the people of the United Kingdom and the World in general.

We don’t know a lot of the facts about them, but the things that you red in this article have been written down using facts and sources like the site of the royal family, so you can rest assured that all of the information here is legitimate. If you have more information about this subject we’d love to know about it, so share with me and I’ll make sure to include the most interesting facts around Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the Royal family.

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End of tenancy cleaning checklist

End of tenancy cleaning checklist

We know that as a tenant who is planning to move out, you are in serious trouble. In the bathroom there is mildew, the cook is dirty, all the windows are grimy. The whole place is a mess. And the worst thing is that you don’t know from where to start, right? Now we will share with you our best end of tenancy cleaning tips.

1. Wash the carpets.

The first thing you notice in the room is the dirty carpet. Don’t let your landlord to ask about the stains on the carpet. First of all remove the stains and after that wash the whole carpet. Bring its shine and the whole place will look cleaner.

2. In the kitchen focus on the oven and the fridge.

Clean them from the inside and from the outside. If you want to make efficient end of tenancy cleaning don’t forget to wipe up the cupboards from the inside.

3. In the bathroom remove the mildew.

Use baking soda and vinegar to remove the musty stains. After that you have to wipe up the whole bathroom with warm water. Don’t forget to clean the sink, the toilet bowl and the tube. They have to look clean and shiny, if you want to make the impression that the whole bathroom is perfectly clean.

4. Clean the windows.

If the windows are clean in the room will enter more light. The whole place will look cleaner and shinier. Professional end of tenancy cleaners advise to use old newspapers when you want to dry out the windows.

5. Dusting and vacuuming are really important in the end of tenancy cleaning.

First dust the furniture and the bookshelves. After that vacuum the carpets and the flooring.

6. Clean the upholstery.

Remove any stains or spots from the upholstery’s surface. After that vacuum it. And if you want to make it look cleaner you will have to wash the whole upholstered furniture.

7. When it comes to end of tenancy cleaning you don’t have to put all your efforts in the cleaning, but you have to clean up the mess and create the impression that the place is clean and tidy.

It sounds a little bit exhausting, right? Don’t worry, there is one more way to leave your landlord happy. Hire professional end of tenancy cleaning service. They will offer you full list of end of tenancy cleaning checklist. You will save a lot of time and nerves.

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Leather furniture cleaning

Leather cleaning

As you know the leather furniture is very expensive. At the same time it is stylish and beautiful decoration to every modern home. And of course it needs special cleaning methods and maintenance. The most important thing you have to remember is that every different type of leather needs different method to be cleaned.

Leather furniture adjusts to the body’s temperature and that makes it really cozy and soft in touch. Leather is undoubtedly the most luxurious material. You might don’t know but it is also fully hygienic. Its structure is the reason the dust and liquids cannot penetrate inside the furniture. On the contrary the upholstered furniture collects a lot of dust and can be dangerous for your family’s health.

Leather furniture needs special cleaning and maintenance. There are many cleaning products on the market for the different types of leather. Eevery type of leather has pores that allow the material to breath and this the reason it is elastic and comfortable.
If you maintain your leather furniture right you will prolong its life. It is recommended to make leather cleaning and protection treatment every 6 months. The color and strength of the leather also depends on the maintenance.

The leather is not only investment in home decoration but investment into your family’s health. The wrong maintenance might damage the leather furniture. It can lose its original color and strength.

Like we said before leather furniture is expensive and needs special cares. Stay calm because our professional home cleaning services will provide you the best leather cleaning in London.

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Professional carpet cleaning tips

Professional carpet cleaning tips

Carpets are stylish addition to every home’s interior. They bring warmth and comfort in the room. Today we can choose between different materials, colors and shapes, just to make them perfect decoration for the home. The only problem with the carpets is their cleaning. And it is not a tiny problem at all. Stains and dust may damage your carpeting. Here are our professional carpet cleaning tips and hints.

1. First of all you have to define what type is your carpet?

Before starting to wash and clean the carpet, it is really important to know what kind of cleaning technique to use. Every carpet’s type is unique, so the cleaning should be unique, too.

  • Woolen carpet. If you have a woolen carpeting you should know that you have to use only cold water, while washing it. The hot water will damage the carpet and it will shrink. The wool is really delicate material, so you don’t have to use abrasive substances.
  • Synthetic carpet. For synthetic carpets use only cleaning agents that are not sticky or greasy, because you will damage the carpet’s fibers.

2. Get rid of stains.

No matter how hard you try to avoid the stains, they always find a way to appear on the carpet. But before start the carpet cleaning, don’t forget to define your carpet’s type.

  • The club soda is one of the most used ways in home carpet cleaning. It just lift the stains from the carpet stains. It cannot damage them and have no odor.
  • The vinegar and soap can remove hard coloring from your carpets. These substances react to each other and neutralize the stain’s coloring.
  • If you want to remove red wine stains, you should use white wine. Don’t scrub, because you are going to damage the carpet. Only absorb the liquid with soft towel.
  • The ammonia is the most popular way to get rid of chocolate stains on the carpet. Dissolve it in warm water and apply with soft sponge.

3. Washing the carpet

If you want to wash your whole carpet, first you have to vacuum it. After that define the carpet’s type, like in step 1 and decide which cleaning technique in most suitable. Wash your carpes only in warm or hot days, because they have to dry off well. Otherwise they will get musty.

4. Allergies

Believe it or not, your home is a nest of allergens. Even if you clean regularly, the dust cannot be removed in 100%. And you know that the dust mites can be dangerous for your family’s health. The vacuuming is not enough to get rid of the dust collected in your carpet. Do it twice a week, but don’t forget that your carpet needs more to be clean effectively. Get the carpet outside the house and using heavy stick or tennis racket, start beating it.

If you haven’t enough time to clean your carpets the way we just have explained, we recommend you to hire a professional cleaning service. They will provide you the best carpet cleaning.

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