How to remove nail polish stains

How to remove nail polish stains

You love nail art, right? And you always succeed to spill a nail polish. Nail polish stains can be really stubborn. Sometimes it is really difficult to remove nail polish stains from your clothing, carpets or furniture. Here are our advices how to effectively remove nail polish stains from your carpets or upholstery furniture.

1. The first thing you should know about the nail polish stains is that you have to be as quick as you can. It will come out easier if you start to remove it while it is not dry out yet. And before you apply any product, don’t forget to make a little test on the bottom of the carpet. Some product can damage the carpet’s fibers. If you spill a nail polish on the furniture, first make a test on the place that is not visible. If you see that the product is damaging or discoloring the fabric, don’t apply it on the stain. It will become worst.

2. The first thing you can do is to take your nail polish remover and pour some on the stain. Don’t rub it, because you will make the stain bigger. Just try to blot it carefully and the stain will start to come out a little. After that take a towel and start to soak the liquid.

3. Use rubbing alcohol. Apply it on the stain and gently soak it with a towel. And again – don’t rub, because you will spread the stain around.

4. If the stain is old, moist the area with hairspray. Apply it a couple of times. If the surface is light, you can use Hydrogen Peroxide. It might have blenching effect, so it is really important to apply it only on light surfaces.

5. When you finish with the cleaning and the stain is gone, wash the area with soap water. We can advise you to wash the whole carpet or the whole upholstery, because the place you just cleaned will be lighter and easy to notice.

Remember that all types of materials are different by structure and they need different methods to be cleaned. If you want to be sure that the stains will completely disappear, you better hire professional cleaning service. They will use professional machinery and products to remove the nail polish stains no matter how big is the stain. Contact our professional carpet cleaners in London and upholstery cleaners in London.

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The benefits of steam cleaning

The benefits of steam cleaning

Do you know what steam cleaning actually is? Let us tell you more about this modern cleaning method, about its advantages and disadvantages. After reading this article, we bet that you will always choose this method to perfectly clean your home.
1. Steam cleaning kills all types of dust mites and germs and also can remove bad pet odors. Pillow and mattress steam cleaning can reduce the mites and protect your family from Asthma and allergies.
2. It removes the stains and bad odors from your carpet and upholstered furniture. This cleaning method will prolong your carpet’s life and reviving its fancy look.
3. If it is done the right way, the steam cleaning can remove stubborn stains. Chocolate, wine, pet urine and so on will disappear from your expensive furniture.
4. This cleaning method uses only hot water to remove stains and germs. It is the most efficient and safe cleaning method for protecting your kids’ health. After all it is really cheap, because of using only water.
5. No need of chemical products. They can be dangerous for your family’s health, no matter what the commercial says to you. After all some strong chemical substances can damage your carpets or upholstery.
6. If someone in your home is allergic, the steam cleaning is the best way to remove all the germs and allergens that can make him more sensitive. Your home will become safer and more pleasant place to live in.
7. Steam cleaning is the best way to remove greasy spots and stubborn stains from the kitchen’s appliances. It removes stubborn fats and grease from cookers, ovens, extractors and barbecues.
8. It will make your home clean, sparkling and safe. It is the most eco-friendly way to clean your household. And the most important thing – it is fully safe for your kids and pets.
9. Steam cleaning will make the bathroom mirror and sink clean and sparkling. Sometimes it can become really hard to clean the limestone spots from the steel parts in your bathroom. The steam cleaning will help you to do this fast and easy.
10. Steam cleaning will deep clean your carpets, curtains and upholstery. The vacuuming can clean only the top of the surfaces, while the steam cleaning method will deeply clean the carpet’s fibers.
Our tips:
- After the steam cleaning leave the mattress uncovered for an hour. After that vacuum it for better result.
- Be careful because the hot water can burn your skin. This is the reason we recommend you professional steam cleaning services.
Our professional steam cleaners can remove stubborn stains and bad odors. If it is done right, the steam cleaning will prolong the time till the next cleaning. Call us, get a free quote and we guarantee the best results. Only the professional steam cleaners can achieve the best results using professional machinery and different tools. They provide professional carpet steam cleaning, curtains steam cleaning, etc.

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Make your own cleaning routine

Make your own cleaning routine

If you want to make your home sparkling and clean from to bottom, you should make your own cleaning routine. When it became your habit, you will see that the cleaning will be easier and more efficient. Here are our advices for you. Make your own schedule and set it to your appointments. Make the cleaning part of the family activities.


Do the dishes. This is more than mandatory because if you left the dishes dirty, they will start to smell bad and it will be really hard to clean them after that.
Empty the trash. If you do this every day, you have to be sure that your home will be fresh and clean.
Making the beds. Teach the kids to do this in their own rooms. This will save you time.
Wipe down the bathroom sink and mirror. This way you will avoid the greasy stains and dirty spots. Your bathroom will be more pleasant and good looking.
Twice a week:

Vacuum the carpets, curtains and upholstery. This way you will protect your family’s health. Like we said before the carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture collect a lot of dust and can be really dangerous. Don’t cultivate dust mites into your fabrics.
Wipe the dust. Wipe the dust and you can be calm for your family’s health.
Mop the floor. It will become more sparkling and clean. The dirt won’t be able to accumulate.
Once a week:

Clean the bathroom. Sanitize the tub, the toilet and the sink. Don’t forget to check for mold and if you find some, immediately remove it. You can use 1 part blench and 3 parts warm water. Use scrubbing brush to perfectly remove it because some types of mildew could be dangerous for the health.
Clean the fridge and the freezer. Clean and organize your refrigerator at least once a week. This is the only way to remove the bad smell from it.
Clean the kitchen appliances. Be careful and don’t use strong chemical products because they can be dangerous for the health.
Wash the windows. This way you will insure more light for your house. We can give you an advice – when you start to dry the windows, you can use old newspapers. Your windows will be sparkling and will let more light in the room.
Tidy the kitchen cabinets. Throw away anything you don’t need any more.
The garden. In the end of the week you can pay more attention to the garden. Clean the furniture and collect the leaves. Take care of the plants.

We guarantee that your home will be cleaner and more sparkling, if you turn the cleaning into routine. If you don’t have enough time to make all these cleaning activities, you can hire home cleaning company in London. They will offer you different cleaning services as carpet cleaning in London, one-off cleaning in London and so on.

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Top Eight Reasons Why We Have to Hire End of Tenancy Cleaners

Top Eight Reasons Why We Have to Hire End of Tenancy Cleaners

Most of the people who want to live in a city different from their home town have to rent a property. No matter for how long you will rent it, at some point you will have to leave it. Unfortunately, there are too many things which you have to do before moving out.

Before moving out, the landlord or the real estate agent will check the property’s condition. As you know, you have to handing it back in the way you found it. Otherwise, you won’t get your deposit back.

The most important thing, which you have to do before giving the keys back, is to clean the property. And as everyone knows that is very unpleasant task and you have to use some special cleaning tools, otherwise, you take the risk to ruin some items. So, we recommend hiring professional end of tenancy cleaning services.

Here are the advantages you get if you hire the specialists:

1)    Professional techniques

They have many years experience and know which the proper solution for the special items (carpets, upholstery, leather furniture, etc.) is. Do not underestimate their opinion, because they will show you how bright the property could be.

2)    You won’t waste your time

Nowadays people do not have time to see their friends and relatives and what about the cleaning. Deep Tenancy Cleaning will remove the dirt very fast and you will save some time.

3)    High quality services

If you hire professional cleaning services, you have to be sure they will do the job on their best. The cleaning specialists have special equipment and can handle tough cleaning problems. They are very well skilled and have the proper knowledge to satisfy your and your landlord’s needs.

4)    Save some efforts

Everyone wants to have a clean house by doing nothing. Well, you can achieve that and hire end of tenancy cleaning services.

5)    Special cleaning products.

Professional cleaners have special cleaning products. Fortunately, most of them use green cleaning products so there is no chance to harm the environment.

6)    Save some money

Our cleaning company provides its cleaning services at affordable prices, so instead of buying some cleaning products and ruin the property, you will give your money to the experts. They will respond to your needs correctly.  

7)     No stress

You could stay calm while the cleaners are taking care of the dirt. And you will know that they are going to do the job in the right way and at the end the home will be sparkling .

8)    Get your money back

When moving out or in cleaners leave the property and you are pretty sure it is completely clean, your landlord will give you the deposit back.

So, if you are about to moving in or out, call our professionals. If you even have some questions you can contact our friendly staff. Do not hesitate any longer and hire deep tenancy cleaning services.

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Ceramic tile cleaning and restoration

Ceramic tile is really widespread and preferred material. It is durable, strong and not so expensive. In the same time you may decorate your home in million ways if you decide to use ceramic tiles for your floor. Like we said already ceramic tiles are really durable, but only if you maintain them right. Here are our professional tips to clean, restore and maintain your ceramic tiles.

1. Always make an initial test when you start to clean or restore your ceramic tile floor. Choose an angle that is not visible and apply some of the cleaning product. If you see any side effects immediately remove the product and don’t use it again.
2. It is mandatory to read the instruction before applying any cleaning product. To avoid the side effects from step 1, you have to read very carefully the instruction on the label. Sometimes there are special requirements for the usage of the product.
3. Never use harsh abrasive products because you can damage the tile’s finish. There are special products for ceramic tiles – they protect and seal the tile’s glaze.
4. If there any mildew, you can remove it with chlorine blench dissolved in water. This is the safest way to remove the mold. It is safe for you and for the tiles, too.
5. Use only soft brush because you don’t want to damage the tile’s finish.
6. Clean up any spills immediately. Use soap dissolved in water to wipe up any messes right when they happen, because you will clean the little stain easier that the big mess after that.
7. Once a day you have to wipe up the tile area to keep dust and dirt from building up.
8. Cover your furniture and table legs with protectors to guard your ceramic tile floor against scratching.
9. Only the right maintenance can protect your ceramic tile floor it will last a lifetime.
10. Hire professional ceramic tile floor restoration service to achieve best results. The professionals will know how to treat your ceramic tile floor right.
We recommend you professional ceramic tile cleaning services because this is the only way to be sure, that your floor will last a lifetime. Contact our friendly stuff and they will propose you special ceramic tile floor maintenance program fitting your personal cleaning needs and requests. Our professional cleaning teams will provide you the best ceramic tile restoration services.

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Natural stone vs ceramic tiles – price, cleaning, maintenance

When you have to take decision what type of floor material to get, it is really big decision. We know that and now will try to help you take the right decision for your home. If you hesitate between natural stone and ceramic tile, see the basic similarities and the key differences. We will explain you the key points for the proper cleaning and maintenance.

Let’s start with the origin of these two materials. The natural stone has minimal alterations by human hand. Only its shape and size are special modified for easier usage. The colors are fully natural and it is maybe the biggest advantage of the natural stone. In the same time ceramic tiles are fully processed. Their shape, size and color can be modified to fit the individual demands and requests of the client. No matter what kind of interior design you are trying to achieve the ceramic tiles has so many varieties and you will find the best color and shape for your bathroom, kitchen, terrace, etc.

How much it will cost you? The ceramic tiles are not so expensive like the natural stone, but this is offset by the long life of the natural stone. We cannot deny the strength of the natural stone. And if we talk about the installation the ceramic tiles are far easier and cheaper to install than the natural stone.

Now you might think that we said only the negative features of the natural stone, but wait a minute. We said it is more expensive, but there is a good reason for that. The natural stones are wearing out much slower than the ceramic tiles. Nowadays the ceramic tiles are made of synthetic materials and are a little more flimsy and less resistant. Natural stone is really scratch resistant and holds up much better under stress and normal traffic than ceramic. The strongest natural stone is granite. This is the reasons it is more used in the gardens and terraces.

No matter what kind of material you are going to choose, don’t forget that the natural stone and ceramic tiles need special cleaning, polishing and maintenance. The good maintenance could prolong the material’s life, so don’t underestimate that moment. We recommend you professional help, because you don’t want to damage your expensive flooring, right? Our fully trained and professionally equipped cleaning experts will provide you full list of ceramic tile and natural stone cleaning and polishing services and maintenance.

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Professional leather cleaning and maintenance

Professional leather cleaning and maintenance

Leather is really expensive material. And the leather furniture is really stylish and beautiful decoration to your home, too. And like all the expensive pieces it needs special leather cleaning and maintenance. Of course the different leathers’ types need special cares and cleaning methods.

Leather qualities

The leather furniture brings comfort because it adjusts to the body’s temperature. The soft leathers touch could make you feel really special. Leather is the most luxurious material and from the other hand it is fully hygienic. This feature is a result of leathers structure. Dust and liquids could not penetrate in the leather. For example the upholstered furniture collects a lot of dust and could be dangerous for your family’s health. You can make a small test. Slap some of your fabric furniture and see how the collected dust will spread around. Now it is really easy you or someone from your family to inhale it. And if you slap your leather furniture no dust will appear. This is the reason because the leather furniture is perfect for people with Asthma or Allergies.

Leather cleaning and maintenance

Anyway the leather must be cleaned. There are special products and methods for the different types of leather. The similarity is that every different type of leather has pores that allow the material to breath. This way it retains its elasticity and brings the sense of comfort. Only the right maintenance will prolong your leather furniture’s life. The proper leather cleaning and leather protection treatment is recommended in every 6 months. The color and strength of the leather also depends on the right maintenance.

The leather is not an investment in home decoration but also in your family’s health. All its qualities make it really preferred material in every home. And don’t forget that the leather should be cleaned with special methods. The wrong maintenance will lead to unintended consequences and unwanted results. The leather can lose its original color. It can lose also its strength and to abrasion and tearing.

Professional leather cleaning

It is a big responsibility to clean and maintain leather furniture. But the professional home cleaning service can take care of your expensive leather pieces. It is not advisable to try to deep clean your leather furniture by yourself. It is far better to rely on professional leather cleaning services instead of damage your leather furniture. The good maintenance will prolong your leather furniture’s life and will make it shinier and even more stylish.

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Professional spring cleaning tips and advices 2013 – part one

Professional spring cleaning tips and advices 2013 – part one

Springtime is the time when you have to take care of your house. It will be a little bit harder, but the spring deep cleaning is required. You have to wake up your house and garden for new life. Here is part one of our spring cleaning tips and advices.

1. Make a list with cleaning tools and products needed / make a cleaning schedule

Before starting the spring cleaning, I advise you to make your own cleaning list with the products and tools you are going to use. It will be really unpleasant and time wasting, if you start the cleaning and after 5 minutes you find out that you don’t have soft towel or windows cleaning product. Just make a list divided into three sections – cleaning duties, cleaning tools, cleaning products. This will help you to be fully prepared for the cleaning.
And one more really useful tip – make a cleaning schedule. Decide what you are going to clean and take the time to complete it. This way you will be more concentrated and you are not going to lose more time in cleaning.

2. Organize your closet

Change your closet, like the nature changes its dress, too. You don’t need your winter clothes anymore. Wash them out and pack them away till the next winter. This action will save you space and will get the mess away. Take away all the boots and get out your summer shoes. This is the right moment to throw away some of the clothes and shoes you don’t need any more. Some of them are for the garbage and some of them you can donate.

3. Change the atmosphere in your home

Make your home brighter and shinier. Use decorations in spring colors. More colors, more emotion, more smiles. You can re-paint the walls in brighter colors. Put more flowers in your home. Change the heavy curtains with transparent ones. This way you will let the light inside your home.

4. Clean your carpets and upholstery

This is the only way to re-fresh your home furniture. It is not necessary to buy new, expensive furniture. Just clean the old ones. If you clean them right, you will bring their colors back. Focus on the stains but don’t forget that the whole carpet or sofa needs to be cleaned as well. We advise you to use professional help to clean your carpeting and furniture because every cleaning service has fully trained experts and professional cleaning machinery.

5. Get your family involved in spring cleaning

Even your home is not so big, it will be really hard and tiring for you to clean all by yourself. We have an advice for you – involve the whole family in the spring cleaning. Use the schedule from step 1. Divide the cleaning duties between the family members. The kids can clean up their own rooms and your husband can help with the bathroom or the garden. But when the spring cleaning is done you will see that you are not so tired and the whole house is sparkling from top to bottom.

If you need help, you can contact us. Our fully trained and professionally equipped teams will offer you full list of home cleaning services. They will provide you the best one-off cleaning and spring cleaning services.

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End of tenancy carpet cleaning tips

End of tenancy carpet cleaning tips

The end of tenancy cleaning is one of the most unpleasant things to do. But if you want your landlord to be happy after your tenancy period and bring your deposit back, you have to do the tenancy cleaning the right way. Here is a list of some basic end of tenancy carpet cleaning tips.

The carpet cleaning is one of the most difficult things to do before the tenancy term gets over. And if you didn’t take the right care of it before, now it will be really hard to bring its initial look back.

Stains. Use natural products to remove the stubborn stains. First they won’t damage the carpet’s fibers and second they won’t change the carpet’s color. You can use baking soda dissolved in water. Apply it on the stain but don’t scrub, because you will spread the stain around. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse out with mix of 3 parts water and 1 part vinegar. And don’t forget – don’t spread it around. Try to absorb the liquid with towel. If the stain is really hard to clean, you can repeat this action again. After the second try it will be gone for sure. If you decide to use chemical product to remove the carpet stains don’t forget to read careful the label with the instruction, because you don’t want to damage your carpeting.

Small wearing holes. If the carpet is really damaged you will have to pay it to your landlord, but if there are small holes don’t panic. Just find an invisible part of the carpet and cut off some fibers from there. Mix them with a little super glue and put the mixture in the hole. After 24 hours take a slipper and start to scrub with it. This way you will achieve wear off effect.

Vacuuming. Don’t forget to vacuum the carpet really well. It collects lots of dust mites, allergens and dust. If you are not sure that the vacuum cleaner is the best way to remove all the tiny particles you could try something else. Take your carpet out and beat it with a heavy stick or with a tennis racket. After this action, all the dust will be gone for sure.

End of tenancy carpet cleaning is really responsible task. If you think the same way you can hire professional end of tenancy carpet cleaning service. Our fully trained teams can provide you full list of end of tenancy cleaning and carpet cleaning services.

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Earth day cleaning 2013

Earth day cleaning 2013

Today is The Earth day 2013. All of us, we are responsible for our Planet and its nature. We have to be more careful when we clean, because some of the chemical products we use could pollute the water sources. Thence the whole soil and fauna will get sick. We have to think more about our kids’ life and give them clean nature.

We have some advices for you. Make your home cleaning more eco-friendly and in the same time your house sparkling and clean. You can try to clean the entire house with natural products like baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil and so on. And even you decide to clean with these natural substances, don’t forget to protect your skin with plastic gloves and face mask.

Let’s start with the vinegar. It is maybe the most used product in the green cleaning. Mix it with warm water and remove mold and mildew from the bathroom. The carpet stains are also really unpleasant as much as the mold ones. But the vinegar could remove them, too.

The baking soda is really helpful for the kitchen appliances. It is completely safe for your health and for the Earth, too. It is stain and bad odour removal. Just leave open box with baking soda in the fridge for one night and it will soak the bad smell. The cigarette odour from the living room can be removed the same way.

The lemon juice and the olive oil have polishing effect. Wet a soft cloth and wipe the stainless steel parts of the kitchen appliances and the wooden furniture. Don’t overdo with the olive oil because you won’t to make your home greasy.

Today is the day when we celebrate our home – our Planet. We have to be more responsible for our actions. If we start to use less chemical products in our home cleaning we can protect the waters from pollution.

And if you prefer professional home cleaning help you can first ask your cleaning services if they use nature-friendly products and methods to clean your home. With our home cleaning services you don’t have to be worried at all because we use only safe and 100% nature ways to clean your home. Furthermore we use only professional oven cleaning products and guarantee your family’s health.

Find your own way to celebrate the Earth day 2013 but don’t forget to be responsible and to keep the nature clean.

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