Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, post tenancy cleaning is essential for the rental property. If you are a landlord, you will undoubtedly want an immaculate property that will attract more tenants and will fetch more rental income. That is why hiring a professional cleaning company is a step towards ensuring that your property will be valued at its true potential.  If you are a tenant, you are most likely to have signed a contract that states that before you move out, the property has to be spotlessly clean from top to bottom and an inspection will be undertaken to ensure that. This clause in your contract will most certainly be tied to your deposit. In case you fail to clean the property, you may be penalized and lose part of or the entire deposit. Sometimes, however, you may end up renting a property where there is no clause in the contract, and there has been no deep professional cleaning performed on it. In this case, you should do initial domestic cleaning to guarantee yourself a clean and safe environment. Our company recognizes the needs of both the landlords and the tenants and offers professional post move out cleaning that will give you the best results. We have teams of fantastic cleaners that are qualified, knowledgeable and extremely professional. Every member of the tenancy clean team is fully insured, thus giving you the peace of mind when you leave your property in their hands. You can give us a call for a quote and our pleasant call staff will answer all enquiries and concerns you may have. Our quotes are inclusive of everything, so don’t worry about unexpected expenses. We offer different services, so check them out to find the one that best suits you. Bathroom cleaning – bathroom cleaning takes a lot of use and abuse and usually end up in need of a lot of cleaning. We understand that the hygiene in the bathroom is one fundamental issue and we offer you to clean it and sanitize it spotlessly. We will remove all limescale from shower and taps, bleach and deep steam clean all surfaces, thus ensuring we use no hazardous chemicals that can cause any health issues.  Bedrooms – the floors will be hovered and mopped, the doors, door frames, door knobs, skirting boards will be wiped with anti-bacterial solution, the windows will be cleaned inside and out, and if you have carpet on the floor, it will be deeply cleaned with professional equipment and materials. Kitchen – this room is just as used as the bathroom, and a lot of dirt and grease can be accumulated there even if you regularly clean it. The kitchen will typically require extra deep cleaning because cooking causes a lot of invisible fats to build upon all surfaces and appliances. We will make sure that we use only the best cleaning products and equipment when we come to tackle the kitchen. We will clean all services, appliances, cupboards, windows inside and out and doors and door knobs. Please note that in most cases, the oven cleaning will be charged extra. Living Room – this is the room where people spend a lot of their time watching TV or just engaging with their family. In the living room, we will clean all furniture, windows, doors and door knobs. The floor will be deeply cleaned too, and if carpeted, the carpet will be steam-cleaned to remove all dust and built-up dirt. We will use only cleaning products that don’t have strong smells and are not hazardous, thus leaving only cleanliness behind us.  Hallway – the hallway will be vacuumed, the skirting boards will be wiped with anti-bacterial solution and dust will be removed from all surfaces.  Carpet cleaning – the carpets can collect a lot of invisible dust, thus causing many allergies, especially in children. That is why it is good to clean them regularly. If you require professional deep carpet cleaning service, then please give us a call for a quote. Depending on the carpet – size and material it is made of – we will evaluate the cleaning. So, if you want to keep your carpets clean and fresh and protect your family from allergies, don’t hesitate to contact us.  Oven Cleaning – this is a time-consuming process that requires unique cleaning products to achieve the best results. Although you may find a lot of products on the market that claim to achieve these results, you may end up being disappointed and only costing yourself a lot of money. We can offer you professional deep oven cleaning that will make your oven look like it is brand new. We use products that are caustic soda-free, thus ensuring an environment that is fume-free, hygienic and safe.